Dance With Flair is pleased to announce that Kettle Bell classes will now be taught at our facility. Gina Garcia, owner of “Kettlebell Strong” will teach classes 5 times a week to help you build strength.

What is Kettlebell?
Kettlebells were originally developed by Russians in the early 1700’s to build strength, endurance, balance and flexibility.

What’s the secret behind this Russian fitness import?
The weight is centered below the handle, so when you swing a kettlebell, nearly every muscle in your body has to work hard to counteract the momentum.

Why take a Kettlebell Class?

Kettlebell training works!       

  • Kettlebell Strong Inc is for individuals of all fitness levels!
  • The average participant will burn 400-600 calories per 45 minute class.
  • Performing daily tasks will become easier.
  • Improve your posture.
  • You will strengthen your entire body in one workout!
  • You will lose weight while working out in less time!